Conest means the guarantee of the CONSTRUCTION WORKS performed according to the highest QUALITY standards.

WELL-BUILT represents us and this is due to the fact that our company has managed to create a network made up of the staff’s professionalism and experience, of the efficient project management, of the quality of resources and of the permanent desire of improvement.

Since we focus on paying special attention to CLIENTS and their valuation, integrity, quality and innovation are fully implemented in each project.

All these BUILD a real synergy with beneficial effects for the client, for the community in which we live and for our company.

CONEST company specializes in:

  • design and execution of road infrastructure works
  • design and execution of civil and industrial construction works
  • design and execution of installation works
  • engineering, consolidation and restoration of works from the public or private historical patrimony 







We have started since the beginning of September 2011 the works for the construction of Octav Bancila Passage. The Project North-South Development Axis - „Octav Bancila” Passage aims the realization of a transport passage over the railway in order to improve the accessibility of persons residing from the quarters Dacia and Alexandru to the functional areas of Iasi and the rehabilitation and modernization of streets and sidewalks associated to the passage. The total length of the construction is 532,2 meters, and the width is 7,8 meters. The total estimated value of the project is of approximately 55 million lei. Results: Over-ground passage; Rehabilitation of Str. Sarmisegetuza, Str. Stramosilor, Str. Tabacului, Str. Columnei, Str. (...)
Being present for the fifth year in a row in the Top of the National Companies, CONEST company was awarded for having reached rank 2 in the Top of Companies from Iasi (associated to the financial year 2012, Field: Constructions, Group: Construction works of residential and non-residential buildings, Class: Large enterprises) The certificate of merit was awarded on Friday, October 25th at the event “Gala of the Business Environment of Iasi - 2013 Edition”, organized at the CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY OF IASI. „This prize is an acknowledgment of the positive results  recorded by Conest, but also a compensation for the efforts made by the whole team”,  Irinel-George TOFAN, Managing Director – CONEST (...)